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  • 2011-2012 Posts from the first Year of L!ve*Clan.


When i first started the Evil|Clan Archive back in 2018, i decided that i want to archive the first year of L!ve*Clan as well. Some Evil|Clan Members joined L!ve* in the first year of the Clan and left then to bring back Evil|Clan in september 2012. Well, the Forum condition was pretty bad.. a lot of posts were archived out of context.. so back in 2018 it was too much work for me. Now, in the holidayseason of 2022 i decided to bring back L!ve*Clans first year and do all the reading and sorting. And here you can see the results! :)

L!ve* was an experiment for us, the decision finding was made in a democratic way, there was some kind of constitution about the voting process and how it had to be done. It wasn't perfect - but it was fun for a while. (btw, did you ever read Live backwards?)

- Pan!C